Price Policy

The final version of the published journal article is instantly and permanently available to everyone for free. Process costs (100 Dollar-USD) are covered by the author(s) himself or on behalf of the author by his/her organization/financier institution/community, usually in the form of an Article Processing Finance (APF) (for each article that can be sent to the referees after preliminary evaluation). The fee paid is not dependent on the "accept" or "rejection" decision of the article. Every author who submits an article to the journal and whose article can be sent to the referees after preliminary evaluation is deemed to have accepted this condition legally. In the meantime, regardless of the acceptance or rejection decisions, the arbitrators are also paid. A protocol has been signed with the Eduscience Academy ( to carry out this process that will ensure the continuity of the journal. Detailed information on this subject can be accessed from the Article Processing Finance (APF) link on the journal home page.

Submission Fees: 1,500.00 TRY

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