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The e-International Journal of Educational Research (E-IJER) attaches importance to developing the education system within the scope of social responsibility policies that are not for profit and public interest, and is pleased to host qualified scientific studies that have the potential to solve educational problems and produce theories.

E-International Journal of Educational Research is a scientific journal publishing reviewed articles in the field of education. The journal is published twice a year starting from January 2024. The first issue after this date will be published on June 30, 2024, and the second issue will be published on December 30, 2024, and the subsequent flow will continue in this line. In the meantime, an any article that has passed all referee and editorial processes can be published in early view.
In e-International Journal of Educational Research, the following fields are considered as the manuscripts on Educational Basic Sciences: Educational Administration, Supervision, Economy and Planning, History of education, Counseling and Guidance, Measurement and Evaluation in Education, Program Development in Education, Distance Education, Special Education, etc. Disciplines of Sciences Education: Areas of Science and Mathematics Education; Math Education, Chemistry Education, Physics Education, Biology education, Science Education. Health Sciences Education: Physical education, Medical Education and Nursing Education. Social Sciences Education; Historical Education, Geography Education, Sociology Education, Psychology Education, Philosophy Education, Religious Education, Social Studies Education, Turkish Language Education, Education of Foreign Language, Education of elementary teachers, Preschool Education. Fine Arts and Literature Education; Music Education, Pictorial Art Education, Literature Education, Education of Performing Arts. Justice Sciences Education; Law Education, Security Education. Computer Sciences Education. The manuscripts submitted to the e-ijer's are reject or send back by the editor or the publication boards of journal if the format and content is not suitable. 

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